LIUM XL-3x2 Hanging Shelf

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The modular LIUM shelving system is available in two versions: as a standing shelf and a hanging shelf. Depending on which variant you choose, we supply it either with feet or with profiles that have the necessary holes for wall mounting.

The modular nature of the hanging shelf offers many individual design options. Its elegant, wonderfully timeless design and high-quality materials make it an absolute highlight in the living room, kitchen or bathroom.

The hanging shelf impresses with its delicate frame made of black matt aluminum. For your shelf boards, you can choose between two decors with a beautiful, natural wood look you can run your fingers over – oak and black ash. The shelving system can be modularly extended in height and width. For an extra special look: forego the shelf boards altogether to create one high shelf space: Plants and other tall objects will look amazing in that frame.

  • Modular hanging shelf: configurable in any height or width, can be extended later at any time
  • Wall profiles: have holes for secure wall mounting using the screws and wall anchors supplied
  • Corner nodes: "Made in Italy" with a zinc casting process and then powder-coated.
  • Shelf boards: melamine-coated chipboard (1 cm thick) with light oak or black ash décor
  • Interior dimensions of the shelf space: 54 x 32.8 x 26.7 cm (L x H x D) or 86 x 32.8 x 26.7 cm (L x H x D)

NOTE: You will need a little time and patience and if possible an extra pair of hands for the assembly of your LIUM shelf. Before you can start assembling the shelf, you will first have to screw together the connectors, the so-called "nodes". Once these are done, the rest will be easy.


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